Start Yachting Course – What is it?

Start Yachting Course – An introduction into SailingStart Yachting Course - What is it?

  • Never sailed a yacht before?
  • Fancy the freedom of the seas?
  • Setting your own agenda
  • Experiencing the sea, wind and sails?

Then a Start Yachting RYA course is the perfect place to begin if you want to learn to sail a yacht.

This RYA course is a short introduction to sailing for complete beginners,

You will experience…

  • steering a yacht;
  • handling the sails;
  • ropework;
  • safety on board;

You don’t need…

  • any previous experience or knowledge of yacht sailing.

By the end of the course you will have a basic knowledge of yachting, including the rules of the road, man overboard recovery, the clothing and equipment necessary and some basic meteorology.

A Start Yachting RYA course is the perfect introduction to yacht sailing, giving you the opportunity for a taster of yacht sailing over 2 days, and from there you can progress to competent crew courses and day skipper courses, and if the sailing bug really gets you you could be doing your Yachtmaster course in time.

So give it a go, once the sun is on your face, the wind is in your hair and the hum of the yacht sailing below you….Start Yachting today….

RYA Start Yachting course, even if you are a complete beginner, then you will experience enough of sailing to know whether it is for you or not! So read more as to why you should give it a go!

It’s a fantastic opportunity that will give you a basic knowledge of sailing, learn a bit about the rules of the road, the safety procedures you should know, such as Man Overboard drill and basically experience what it is like to live on board and sail around the Solent for a couple of days.

What you will learn

  • how to steer a yacht;
  • how to handle the sails;
  • what ropes do what and their names;
  • essential safety procedures on board;
  • basic navigation and meteorology

What you don’t need to know:

  • any knowledge or experience of yacht sailing beforehand.

If you have always hankered after being on a yacht for a few days, contact us and give it a go, or treat someone you know could love yachting and would benefit from a RYA Start Yachting course.

The Start Yachting Course is an introductory sailing course for complete beginners.

It is run over 2 days with accommodation provided onboard the yacht.

There is no minimum age.

By the end of the sailing course participants will have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling, rope work and be aware of safety onboard.

Course Objective :- This course provides a short introduction to sail cruising for novices

Pre course Experience :- None

Assumed Knowledge :- None

Minimum Age :- None

Course Content :- Steering the yacht underway, rope work and sail handling, safety onboard

Duration:- 2 or 3 Days

Next Steps :- Holders of an RYA Start Yachting Course Certificate can obtain an RYA Competent Crew certificate by completing a further 3 days or 2 weekends of a Competent Crew Course

Start Yachting Course – Syllabus

The Yacht

Basic knowledge of sea terms, parts of a boat, her rigging & sails


Ability to tie the following knots: figure of eight, round turn & two half hitches, bowline
Securing a rope to a cleat
Use of winches and jamming cleats


Has experienced sailing a yacht on all points of sail
Can steer a yacht under sail or power

Rules of the Road

Can keep an efficient lookout at sea


Knows where to obtain a weather forecast

Man Overboard Recovery

Understands the action to be taken to recover a man overboard

Clothing & Equipment

Understands & complies with the rules for the wearing of safety harnesses, lifejackets & personal buoyancy aids

Emergency Equipment & Precautions

Is aware of hazards on board a yacht
Knows the action to be taken in the event of an emergency

Full Details of the RYA Start Yachting Course can be found HERE.

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