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Some of the standout features on a new Dufour Yacht which will have a huge and positive impact on your Sailing Experience.

Hull Chines & Their Affect

First seen back in 2011 on the Dufour 36 Performance their introduction into modern yacht design has had a pronounced affect both on the sailing experience as well as improving the usable space below decks.

Working in parallel with the keel their primary purpose is to help keep a yacht upright by creating resistance as the yacht begins to heel over.

Sailing a yacht upright opens up more sail area to the wind which improves performance but also makes a yacht more comfortable and easier to sail.

In recent years these chines have become more pronounced and extend much further forward.

Sailing Experience
Sailing Experience
Upright = Faster and more comfortable

Performance is not just about out and out speed but should define the whole sailing experience.

Dufour’s latest generation of hulls offers a comfortable and stable hull which creates a gentle experience with a feeling of security and safety for everyone onboard.

Their secondary benefit is that hull chines have allowed designers to carry the beam a lot further aft which create much roomier cockpits and in turn generate much more volume below decks.

Dufour have led the way by continually updating and evolving their hull designs so owners can benefit from all the advantages that the latest yacht and hull designs have to offer.

Cockpit size & visibility from the helm

Hull chines have allowed the beam of our yachts to be pulled all the way aft. This offers a fantastic space in the cockpit allowing you to move around freely and reach the various controls with ease and without continually asking people to move out of the way.

There is a generous cockpit table that houses the GPS plotter but also provides something to brace yourself against if needed.

The twin wheels and comfortable helming position allows you to sit fully outboard offering great visibility around the headsail.

The cockpit is fully enclosed at the back by the bathing platform and integrated BBQ mouldings which along with the comfortable seating means that you and your guests will feel completely secure.

Sailing Experience
Sailing Experience
Manoeuvrability & Handling

A single rudder fully immersed by way of its position in relation to the shape of the hull along with a profiled keel allows complete control when sailing, even in marginal conditions.

The ability to control sail shape with a full width mainsheet traveller and with the yacht naturally sailing upright because of the chines allows the efficiency of the rudder to be maximised. There is a balanced feel through the helm and a little or no weather helm.

Importantly when manoeuvring under power in a marina the benefits of a single rudder can not be underestimated and of course you can choose to fit bow and stern thrusters if you wish.

All these factors combine to create a yacht that is easily managed and a pleasure to sail.

Efficient sail plans with controls back to the cockpit

Dufour’s focus is on making modern sailing yachts easier and more comfortable to sail without loosing any of the performance. Large headsails are a thing of the past and self tacking jibs now common.

Full width main sheet travellers and adjustable genoa cars offer total control of sail shape. Note the low position of the goose neck height for ease of sail handling at the mast and that all control lines are all led back into the cockpit.

Opt for in mast mainsail furling and electric winches to simplify things even further or add a Code Zero and an Asymetric for added performance off the wind if you wish. It really is a case of configuring the yacht to match the way you sail.

Sailing Experience

Sailing Experience
Versions and layouts to suit every need.

Until recently there was a distinct divide between Cruising Yachts and Performance Yachts. With the recent revolution in yacht design there has been a noticeable increase in the performance of the perceived “cruising yacht”, so much so that the need to have two distinct ranges has gone.

With a modern Dufour you get all the comforts of a cruising yacht without sacrificing on performance.

On the latest models you will find three different versions depending on the type of sailing you enjoy “Easy” “Ocean” or “Performance”.

You naturally also have choices for interior layouts, cabin options and a variety of equipment choices.

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