Qualifications Required for Yacht Charter

What yacht charter experience do I need ?


Simply put, to take one of our yachts on a Bareboat basis we look for the skipper, as a minimum, to hold a Day Skipper (Practical) certificate. Plus one other person needs to have suitable experience to take charge of the yacht in an emergency.

Having said that we also look at your previous sailing experience, the type of yacht you are intending to charter and your planned sailing itinerary. So even if you have no formal qualifications then do rule out bareboat chartering with us as an option.

If you are looking to take one of our 50-foot yachts and only hold a Day Skippers Certificate then we will certainly expect to see previous skippering experience on that size of vessel.

Should you have aspirations to cross the channel then we ask for a minimum of Coastal Skipper plus a First Mate with a minimum of Day Skipper. But the same rules apply and we will always look at your sailing experience before agreeing to the charter.

…and if I don’t have the experience?

We have a number of very experienced and qualified skippers/instructors on our books. If you do not have enough experience or perhaps you don’t have the confidence in the size of yacht you wish to charter then we can look at placing a skipper on board with you for some or all of your charter.

For many people, a day’s instruction at the start of your charter is enough and you can be left to your own devices for the rest of your charter.

Qualifications Required for Chartering A Yacht

There is no requirement that our skipper stays onboard overnight if you wish to have the privacy of the boat to yourself in the evening. The skipper can be onboard solely for the sailing aspects, meeting you each morning depending on your itinerary to help you to the next port of call.

At the end of the day we want to take a safe and practical approach and we recognise that not everyone has taken a formal qualification. So whilst protecting our own business interests it is equally for your own safety that we ask everyone to be honest about their level of competence.

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