Boat Handling Course

Boat Handling Course

Boat Handling – 1 Day Practical Course

This Boat Handling Course focuses specifically and handling a yacht in modern tightly packed marina.

Boating Handling Course

This practical one day Boat Handling Course course focuses specifically on all aspects of mooring, manoeuvring and handling a yacht in modern tightly packed marina under power.

It is designed to build your confidence in close quarter handling using a modern production sailing yacht.

We have found that inevitably no one spends enough time focusing on handling a yacht under power in the tightness of a modern marina. Skills get rusty which can lead to unfortunate and potentially expensive incidents.

Even if you manage to avoid a collision not having the confidence to park a yacht in a variety of conditions can lead to unnecessary stress at the end of an enjoyable trip.

Consequently we have developed this course, deliberately designed for:

  • Boat Owners
  • Charterers
  • Those preparing for a sailing course or exam
  • In fact anyone wanting to improve their abilities to park a yacht

Under the guidance of your experienced instructor you will practice the effects that hull shape, prop wash, wind & tide all play in manoeuvring a modern yacht.

You will practice

  • Alongside mooring
  • Reversing into pontoon mooring
  • Picking up a buoy
  • Pile moorings
  • Use of lines to spring off

We deliberately restrict student numbers  to a maximum of 4 to allow plenty of hands on experience, this also gives you time to watch and learn from everyone else onboard.

We base this course from the River Hamble an ideal location to practice boat handling in a wide range of conditions and tidal strengths.

We have been told time and again that comparred to the cost of repairing even the smallest gel coat repair our boat handling course represents a great investment.

The course is open to all levels of any age and can be booked as individual places or as group.

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