Your bluewater cruise of a lifetime – making it a reality!

Many people only dream of taking off on their yacht and sailing away over the horizon for their bluewater cruise of a lifetime!

Your bluewater cruise of a lifetime - making it a reality!When Julian and Lynne Ronnie decided they wanted to do just that, they felt they would benefit from enhancing their sailing skills first. So they contacted Universal Yachting on the best way to prepare for their trip.

We helped Julian and Lynne choose the right RYA training courses and set up some bespoke training working on specific sailing skills.

Julian takes up their story. “Our bucket list included crossing the Atlantic, and we signed up for the ARC which gave us eighteen months to learn all we needed to learn.

We did a number of RYA courses with Universal Yachting, including Day Skipper for Lyn, and Coastal Skipper for me. The great thing was that we were able to do it on our own boat with just the two of us on board plus the instructor.

This meant that nothing we learnt was simply theoretical or suitable for a different boat or with more crew. Everything we were taught applied directly to us. And of course with such direct one to one supervision we were able to cover much more than is strictly in the RYA syllabus.

Your bluewater cruise of a lifetime - making it a reality!Clive, our instructor, was able to show us MOB procedures for double handed sailors (of course you are single handed if one of you is over the side.) Fortunately we haven’t needed that one!

But also we covered picking up mooring balls, and berthing short handed, and even putting up the cruising chute. When you are learning to sail, nothing of course beats sheer experience and hours at sea, but doing these courses certainly speeded up the process.”

The Ronnie’s set off from the Solent in the summer of 2014, took part in the World Cruising Club ARC Rally. They have been cruising the Caribbean and around the shores of the United States ever since.

Make a bluewater cruise your reality!
Find out about the right RYA training course for you.

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