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The newly announced Dufour 32 is an exciting, new modern sailing yacht that is designed for a great sailing experience. At 10.31m this sporty, performance yacht is easy to handle and has a new take on Dufour’s distinctive design style, with ultra-modern lines and some great innovations both for saving space and adding to your fun on the water.

In contrast with many yachts of this size, the Dufour 32 comes with tiller steering rather than a wheel, giving you a much more direct connection and increased feel at the helm, as well as creating considerably more open space and extra room in the cockpit.

The transom is fitted with a removable, inflatable aft door. As well as being far lighter than the GRP equivalent, when at anchor this can be lowered down to open up the cockpit space as well as act as the bathing platform.

The cockpit table has been given additional purpose and has three alternative positions. Raise it up for alfresco dining, lower it down level with the cockpit seating to create a large sunbathing area, or remove it completely if you need the space whilst sailing.

The modern, semi-rigid boom is another new innovation that is different from all current Dufour models. Designed to house the mainsail inside the boom when it is stowed and you can incorporate foldable solar panels on the boom for more environmentally friendly power supplies. Alternatively, a stack pack with lazy jacks can be fitted. A simple, lightweight fabric sun shade can be fitted below the boom and stowed when not in use.

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    Tiller Steering – Whilst trends have led most yachts even of this size to have wheels, Dufour have chosen to revert to a purer form of sailing for a yacht of this size. Not only will you have a much more direct connection and better feel when sailing, alongside you will appreciate the open and extra room offered in the cockpit.

    Removable aft door – The inflatable and removable aft door of the cockpit folds down to offer you the space of a much larger yacht.

    3 Positions for the cockpit table – Removable if you wish to enjoy the maximum space. Raised for enjoying the outdoor dining experience or you can set it level with the seating and create a large sunbathing area.

    Sunshade – A simple fabric shade to cover the cockpit area

    Innovative Boom – This semi rigid boom houses the mainsail when stowed and you are able to incorporate foldable solar panels if you wish. Or if you prefer stick with a simple stack pack and lazy jack lines.

    Dufour 32

    Sail Plan – Enjoy the option to maximise her performance if you wish with flat top mainsails, overlapping headsail, distinctively raked mast and powerful asymetric spinnakers. Or simply take a more gentle approach to your sailing with self tacking jibs and a more traditional mainsail, as you prefer.

    Sailing Controls – The genoa sheets lead back over the coachroof to the companionway winches. This offers the easiest position to control the sail and leaves the cockpit free.

    Performance Version – Enjoy two sheeting positions for the mainsail, adjustable from either the cockpit sole or the companionway.


    Dufour 32

    • Light airy interior. 
    • Saloon table with two positions so you can set as a day lounger or double bed.
    • Generous fore cabin with floor space 

    Dufour 32


    • ArchitectUmberto FELCI
    • Year2022
    • Overall length10.31 m
    • Waterline length8.70 m
    • Hull length9.35 m
    • Max beam3.31 m
    • Light displacement4900 kg
    • Draft - Standard 1.90 m
    • Draft - Shallow Keel1.60 m
    • Keel Weight1330 kg
    • Fuel Tank Capacity90 L
    • Water Tank Capacity 160 L
    • Engine (Volvo) 19 hp
    • Sail Area56 m²
    • Main Sail Area34 m²
    • Genoa Sail Area22 m²
    British marine

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