Other Sailing Courses
Try Yachting, Mile Building, Sail handling, Boat Handling, Own Boat Tuition, Flotilla Training

Other UK Sailing Courses in the Solent

No matter what your level of experience we offer a range of additional sailing courses to complement the more structured RYA Sailing Courses that we provide through our Sailing School.

Our Try Yachting and Mile Building Weekends are great ways to get out on the water either on your own or with a friend and like all our sailing courses you can book your own cabin if you prefer.

If you are planning an overseas sailing holiday then our Flotilla Training Course will teach you all you need to know and help your whole family prepare.

Or if you already our your own boat and just want a little expert guidance with one of our instructors then we can run a bespoke course on your own boat.


Mile Building – From £270 pp

Mile_BuildingWhether you need extra miles towards your next sailing qualification or simply if you want to get away for a few days & gain some offshore experience our mile building cruises offer the perfect opportunity to do this in a friendly & fun environment.

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Boat Handling – From £149

Boat_HandlingDesigned to build confidence in close quarter handling this practical one day sailing course focuses specifically on all aspects of mooring and manoeuvring a yacht in modern tightly packed marina. Based on the River Hamble this is the ideal location to practice in a wide range of conditions and tidal strengths.

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Own Boat Tuition

Own_Boat_TuitionAs a boat owner you will probably want to perfect your skills on your own boat with people that you know. We can offer our full range of RYA Practical courses or if you prefer just daily instruction as and when you require it.

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Try Yachting – From £149

Try_YachtingOur try yachting days offer anyone, young or old, the opportunity to have a go at sailing a modern 37 foot sailing yacht from our base on the River Hamble. Fun and relaxed days aimed at those who simply want to see if they enjoy sailing. No previous experience is necessary and whilst you are encouraged to get involved you are free to do as much or as little as you wish.

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Sail Handling – From £149

Sail_HandlingOur Sail Handling courses maximise your skills on the water and focus on improving your boat speed as well as your crew work and helming skills. This sailing course is aimed at anyone looking to get that little extra on the water performance either through boat speed, manoeuvres or crew work. It is by no means restricted to those who’s sole intent is racing and is of as much benefit to anyone simply wishing to sail better and faster.
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Flotilla Training – From £270 pp

Flotilla_TrainingIdeal for anyone looking to or has booked a yacht charter or flotilla holiday. This sailing course has been designed to cover the many elements of sailing & boat handling that you will encounter on a Mediterranean flotilla holiday. These courses are based on learning with your friends and family.

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