Boat Handling Course
Practice Your Close Quarter Boat Handling

Boat Handling Course – 1 Day (Sat / Sun) £149

Our one Day Boat Handling Course is designed to build confidence in close quarter handling.

The day focuses specifically on all aspects of mooring and manoeuvring a yacht in a modern tightly packed marina as well as picking up river pile moorings and buoys.

The River Hamble is the ideal location to practice in a wide range of conditions and tidal strengths. The yachts we use are modern production yacht between 36 & 38 feet with wheel steering and typical handling characteristics to mosts yachts you will come across.

Your experienced instructor will take you through, amongst other things, the effects that the following all play in manoeuvring a modern yacht.


  • Hull shape
  • Prop wash
  • Wind & tide




This practical course is excellent preparation if you are planning on taking your Day Skipper Course.

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You will also practice

      • Basic close quarter handling
      • Bow and Stern to pontoon mooring
      • Mooring in an alongside berth
      • River Moorings
      • Ferry Gliding
      • 3 Point Turns

As this is a practical course & nothing beats doing it for yourself. We therefore deliberately restrict student numbers down to a maximum of 4.

This allows plenty of hands on experience and gives you time to watch and learn from everyone else onboard.

By the end of the day you will have had chance to practice and watch all manner of parking scenarios after which the rest is down to you to practice and master the skills you have learnt.

Watch this useful GUIDE on the effect wind has on manoeuvring a yacht in a marina.

Pre-course experience None
Assumed Knowledge None
Course Content
  • Mooring Techniques
  • Effects of wind and tide
  • Effects of hull shape
  • Prop wash
  • Springing off
Course duration 1 Day
1 Day (Saturday or Sunday) £149
Dates Check Dates
Start times 0900 – 1700

What is included

        • Lunch and soft drinks.
Our principal training yachts are a Dufour 385, a Beneteau Oceanis 37 and a Dufour 365.

These are some of the most popular modern production yachts on the market today and offer excellent handling and sailing performance.

Fully equipped to the required RYA/MCA standards they also boast some additional inventory to add to your enjoyment & comfort onboard.

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